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Encourages 15- to 18-year-oldsraised in Christian homes to take responsibility for their relationship with God and to grow in their love of Christ.

"I have found a ""kindred spirit"" in Karl Graustein. To see the beauty, privilege, and blessing of growing up in the church, and yet also see the subtle and not so subtle dangers of being raised in the "community of the saints," is a strong balance that every pastor, youth worker, parent, adolescent and child needs to have. Karl Graustein sends a vital message to people of every generation to take not for granted the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in giving us the church." -Dean Conkel, Coordinator, Youth and Family Ministries Department, Presbyterian Church in America

Karl Graustein is the High School Principal and Head of Faculty and Curriculum Development for grades K-12 at Covenant Life School in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mark Jacobsen is a graduate of the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a pilot and a writer.
Publisher: P&R
ISBN: 9780875526119
Item #: 8199
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 12
Page Count: 234
Publication Date: 2005

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