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Arnold, Carol


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By Carol Arnold-PCA. On January 9, 2005, Carol Arnold’s husband made national news after dropping to the floor from a sudden heart attack while preaching about heaven. The pastor and his wife had struggled for many decades in their marriage. How might Carol respond to such an event? It would depend on when you asked her.

With refreshing candor, The Liberation of a Resentful Wife honestly portrays Carol’s story in vivid detail. She also provides insights and tips for addressing resentment in a challenging marriage.

"I personally discipled the author in the 1950s at UCLA where Bill and I started Crusade. Her teachings have been infuential and empowering to women throughout the world." Vonette Bright Cofounder, Campus Crusade for Christ

"Carol’s infuence reaches around the world today, but for me it is still close to home. Her wonderful example and insights inspired me to be a better wife and mom, and helped me prepare my daughter to take on her new role as wife. I highly recommend this book." Kay Coles James -Author and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services.

"God’s amazing grace is suffcient torestore a broken marriage. The story of Jack and Carol Arnold’s marriage is a beautiful picture of the power of the gospel." Susan Hunt
Publisher: Sunny Publishers
Item #: 8306
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 17
Page Count: 197
Publication Date: 2006

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