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Smith, Christian


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A definitive account of the spiritual and religious lives of American teenagersyields some surprising results. Hardback. Encyclopedic in scope and exhaustive in detail, this study offers an impressive array of data, statistics and concluding hypotheses about American teenagereligious identity, with appendixes explaining methodology and extensive endnotes.

All the book's findings derive from interviews conducted with teenagers for the National Study of Youth and Religion. Interestingly and against popular belief, Smith and Denton conclude that the ""spiritual but not religious"" affiliation thought to be widespread among young adults is actually rare among Americans under 18, and that the greatest influence shaping teens' religious beliefs is their parents.

Regardlessof whether this research will be ""a catalyst for many soul-searching conversations in various communities and organizations"" among parents and pastors, scholars will surely agree that this study advances the conversation about contemporary adolescentspirituality."
Publisher: Oxford University
ISBN: 9780195384772
Item #: 8063
Binding: Hardcover
Chapters: 7
Page Count: 346
Publication Date: 2005

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