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Lead Me to Zion

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Lead Me to Zion:Teaching Covenant Theology to covenant children ages 4 to 8 CURRICULUM
By Heather Molendyk.

“Child of the Covenant.” The title is used at baptism and throughout the life of a believer, but what does it mean?

It means believers and their children have been part of the plan God developed before time began. It means each of the promises God has made to mankind throughout history is extended to them as well. It means we as parents and teachers have the privilege and responsibility to tell and remind our children of God’s covenant-promises and how each promise leads us to Jesus.

Lead Me to Zion is a resource to introduce children ages 4 to 8 to the enduring covenantal love of God for His people throughout history. With inviting, well-told Bible lessons and engaging activities for every type of learner, Lead Me to Zion teaches the term “Covenant Theology” is more than church knowledge or helpful facts to answer Sunday school questions. Children will learn that Covenant Theology is knowing the powerful love which binds us forever to our Creator and that through Jesus Christ every promise of God is fulfilled.

Now included with the purchase of Lead Me to Zion is an 11”x17” poster to use as a teaching tool with the curriculum. This beautiful illustration based upon O. Palmer Robertson’s The Christ of the Covenants has been designed to help students (and teachers) remember the covenants of God-from the Old Testament through the New Testament-fulfilled by Christ.

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A slightly larger (12”x18”) version of the poster may be purchased separately or in bundles.

Publisher: CDM
ISBN: 9781944964658
Item #: 15500
Binding: coil
Chapters: 40
Page Count: 336
Publication Date: 2021

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