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Breathe PDF: The Life-giving Oxygen of the Lord’s Prayer

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Breathe: The Life-giving Oxygen of the Lord’s Prayer
Author: Karen Hodge - PCA

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“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” — Martin Luther
Breathing is very complex but is primarily a subconscious activity.
Yet there is a danger in familiarity. As Christians, we may become casual in our relationship with God, taking His presence for granted. Prayer is a lifeline for believers which God designed to build our relationship with Him and others. He created it to be an ongoing conversation starting with Him speaking to us through His Word and then our responding in prayer. Spiritual vitality begins with inhaling truth and exhaling prayers.
The grand purpose of this six-week Bible study is to consider in the context of community what it might look like if the words of the Lord’s Prayer were written over every aspect of our lives, homes, work, church, and community—to spend time together unpacking how our position in Christ impacts our posture in prayer.
We invite you to take a deep breath . . . and breathe!

Visit the Breathe Hub ( to access

• Teaching Videos
• Weekly Discussion Guides
• Building on the Lord’s Prayer, a six-week study of the Lord’s Prayer for children and their families
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Great study. I honestly never realized the amazing implications when I pray the Lord's Prayer. It has opened up an entirely new posture of prayer in my life.

I feel so much more in my praying the Lord's Prayer. It’s not just a memorized prayer anymore. It’s meaningful and loving. This was really needed in my life.

I love the video and podcast combo. I watched it with the group and then listened later in the week on my own. I liked the visual format of the book, not just words with questions to answer.

My relationship with the Lord’s Prayer is so much deeper now. I LOVED this study. I am so grateful for the passages on hallowed be
Thy name and daily bread. Karen's videos are so relatable and easy to connect with.
Publisher: CDM
Item #: 15604
Binding: PDF
Chapters: 6
Page Count: 112
Publication Date: 2022

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