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By Randy Schlichting-PCA- Christianity is in decline in America. How did it happen and who is to blame? What will happen going forward? Will Christianity continue to shrink? Minority Rules explores the thesis that Christians are a Minority and always have been. We have recently been living like the majority to the demise of our movement. We need to receive and wear or minority status and live by healthy rules for minorities.

Steve Brown says, "Sometimes there is a book that shakes one out of one's spiritual apathy, challenges false assumptions and then opens a door to incredible ministry to the world.. Minority Rules has done that for me and I rise up and call Randy Schlichting blessed for having written it. And you'll rise up and call me blessed for commending it to you."
Publisher: Randy Schlichting
Item #: 9640
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 8
Page Count: 120
Publication Date: 2009

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