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By Grace Alone by Sinclair B. Ferguson is a devotional book that examines the greatness of grace extended to humankind by God. This book uses a hymn written by Emmanuel T. Sibomana as its foundation, citing the source many times throughout.

The articulation of the ideas is done in a very understandable fashion, bringing heavy matters to bear in a logical manner. The author splits the main points into seven chapters, each effectively addressing a topic in a thorough manner, striving for a goal of covering a few important subjects rather than many smaller ones. The book follows a good, logical pattern and gives the reader what is promised in portioned segments.

The book utilizes the Sibomana hymn as a cornerstone for a lot of its arguments. This, however helpful in some of the contexts, limits the book’s scope to some degree, even giving the book a dissertation-like air at times. As a result, the book seems as though it would be more effective as something for a collegiate audience.
Publisher: Reformation Trust
ISBN: 9781567692020
Item #: 9797
Binding: Hardcover
Chapters: 7
Page Count: 123
Publication Date: 2010

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