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Next to the Bible, the Westminster Confession stands as a most precious document helping us to work through the doctrines of the Bible in a systematic way. Can you imagine getting 10 Bible scholars to agree on how to explain even one doctrine? Then try to imagine 100 working for several years to come up with a way of stating all the major doctrines of our faith. This is the study we have before us.

All doctrine is about God. The word theology is made up of two words meaning the study of God. We will keep that in front of us as we go through this study together, because, it is the lack of knowing these truths about God that has made the church so weak today. Therefore, prepare to meet God again, for the very first time.

As you study each doctrine you will be surprised and delighted how applicable it is to our lives as women living in the 21st century. What you will discover is that each study will lead you to "glorify God and enjoy Him forever."
Publisher: Christian Education & Publications
Item #: 11156
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 23
Page Count: 218
Publication Date: 2011

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