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Church planting and pastoral ministry can be lonely, stressful, and ambiguous. This resource, written by seasoned church planting spouses, addresses the essential truths that impact survival in ministry: story, gospel, idolatry, identity and calling, and community. Each of the five units includes myths, personal stories, and tools for deeper understanding and application. While the focus is on church planting, the tools can be used in any area of leadership and ministry.

Shari Thomas and Tami Resch have over fifty years of combined ministry experience. Shari and her husband, John, have partnered in church planting in world-class cities since the early 1980s. They currently reside in New York City. Shari conducted research on the stress and satisfaction levels of church planting spouses in the U.S. and developed the Church Leader Spouse Inventory used in many church planting assessments. Tami Resch and her husband, Steve, have co-labored in three church plants since 1991, and currently serve Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio. In 2005, Shari and Tami founded Parakaleo, a ministry that provides gospel coaching, training, and network development for spouses in church planting in cities across the globe.
Publisher: Parakaleo
ISBN: 9781461151296
Item #: 8503
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 6
Page Count: 192
Publication Date: 2011

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