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Marshall, Suzanne


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By Suzanne Marshall - PCA

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are sacred and essential doctrines of the Christian faith, yet Easter baskets and the holiday’s annual reoccurrence dilutes its message. Christians sincerely want to appreciate Easter but need a fresh approach to wake their souls. Easter weekend passes, and Christians feel like they have missed something important. This devotional prepares believers to experience Christ’s death and resurrection in a way that renews them and applies to their daily lives. The meditations delve into the Scriptures and draws readers into an authentically close and adoring relationship with God, so that when Easter weekend arrives, they are running to the open grave in wonder and joy. Readers will read a meditation with Scripture five days per week. As they consider Jesus’ teachings from a fresh perspective, they will comprehend more intensely the destruction of sin but rest in the grace of God’s forgiveness as they understand more deeply His love for them. Readers will find themselves praying more frequently and applying Scripture practically to their lives. They will anticipate Easter with refreshing joy. The book consists of meditations with Scripture for each weekday from Ash Wednesday until Jesus’ last week of ministry on Earth (Holy Week), plus meditations for each day of Holy week, including Palm Sunday, the weekdays of Holy Week, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. There are 36 mediations in all. The book has two appendices, one with ideas for giving up or taking up an activity during the Easter preparation period, which is called Lent, the other lists the numbered meditations, descriptions of each meditation, Scriptures used for each day and the calendar date associated with each meditation.

Suzanne earned a Masters of Library and Information Science from Florida State University and used her degree as a reference librarian at the West Florida Public Library.
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781483590295
Item #: 13792
Binding: Paper
Chapters: 36
Page Count: 56
Publication Date: 2017

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