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Tim Chester


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Bible Matters - Making Sense of Scripture

The Bible teaches us how we should live.

The Bible is something we should read every day.

The Bible is something we should enjoy reading.

Most of us agree with these statements. At least in theory. But what's our reality?

Sometimes reading the Bible is a delight. But if we’re honest, many times reading the Bible feels like hard work and we read out of a sense of obligation. Some of us have given up entirely.

Including a study guide for group use, this book helps us approach reading the Bible with an eager anticipation, expecting to hear God’s voice and meet him in his Word.

Tim Chester is a pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, and a faculty member with the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy. He was previously research and policy director for Tearfund and tutor in missiology at Cliff College.
Publisher: IVP
ISBN: 9780830845316
Item #: 13969
Binding: Paper
Chapters: 10
Page Count: 192
Publication Date: 2018

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