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Harris, Laird


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By R. Laird Harris PCA

Still one of the best works ever done, now back in print and updated. Harris's treatment of canonicity is particularly helpful as he explains Jesus' use of Scripture, as well as Biblical and extra biblical support for the canon.

In the modern debate on biblical interpretation and verbal inerrancy, this book gives weighty evidence for the historic Christian position that the Bible, the sacred canon, is the very truth of God and that it can be interpreted, understood, and applied in our time. The book considers the phenomena and data of the Bible and finds them consistent with the teaching of Christ and the apostles that they are both true and meaningful in any culture. Inspiration of the Bible and the canonical status of its books are closely interrelated matters, but the treatment of both subjects in one volume is all to rare. In the treatment of the canon, the book quotes extensively from the sources--the very early Christian writers as well as recent finds--the Dead Sea Scrolls and the books and papyri from Nag Hammadi in Egypt. It combines the extensive historical evidence with the witness and claims of the Bible itself. Reviews of the original work--that it was well-documented and thorough but profitable for any serious Christian layman--are still applicable to the revised and updated edition.

Dr. Harris was trained in Chemical Engineering, then called to the ministry and trained at Westminster Seminary with graduate work in the University of Pennsylvania, Dropsie College, and Johns Hopkins. He taught nineteen years at Faith Theological Seminary, twenty-five years at Covenant Theological Seminary, and after retirement at seminaries in Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. He was a charter member of the NIV translation committee, also of the Evangelical Theological Society, chief editor of the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, and author of other books and articles. He was an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of America. He passed away on April 25, 2008.
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
ISBN: 9781556358876
Item #: 3898
Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 348
Publication Date: 2008

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