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Suffering in 3-D

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Suffering in 3-D: Connecting the Church to Disease, Disablity, and Disorder
By John C. Kwasny, PhD - PCA

Suffering in 3-D is a book to guide and encourage ordinary believers to get practically involved in meaningful relational ministry to all who are suffering.

As Christians, we are not to walk alone in our suffering, or inadvertently force others to deal with personal suffering on their own. The church, as a spiritual hospital, the family of God, and a discipleship culture, is to be one-minded and spiritually passionate about its charge to connect to those who suffer in the midst. It is called to properly deal with the many obstacles to right grace-based relationships with all those who suffer—and ultimately, not just tolerating or enduring sufferers in its midst, but welcoming, pursuing, and embracing them as full members of the body of Christ.

John C. Kwasny is the Director of Christian Education and Children’s Ministry at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Ridgeland, Mississippi. He is also a biblical counselor, an adjunct professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, and Director of One Story Ministries.
Publisher: Shepherd Press
ISBN: 9781633421677
Item #: 14558
Binding: Paper
Chapters: 6
Page Count: 176
Publication Date: 2019

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