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Serven, Doug

C0-Laborers, Co-Heirs

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Co-Laborers, Co-Heirs: A Family Conversation

by Brittany Smith (Author), Doug Serven (Author), Scott Sauls (Author), Paige Britton (Author), Greg Perry (Author), Jessica Ribera (Author), Wendy Alsup (Author), Maria Garriott (Author), Rondi Lauterbach (Author), Sean Lucas (Author)

While our church doctrine teaches that men and women are co-laborers and co-heirs in Christ, does our practice reflect that truth? And what do we lose in our failures? To serve effectively together as brothers and sisters, we must be able to speak about good and hard things. These essays by our sisters and mothers in the church can help us know, grow and do better. Here are redemptive celebrations, gentle corrections, and winsome invitations from the diversity of women God has given as gifts to the church body. Read and listen well so that may we better serve each other and God's kingdom.
Publisher: Storied Publishing
ISBN: 9781733592154
Item #: 14593
Binding: Paper
Chapters: 5
Page Count: 324
Publication Date: 2019

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