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Smed, John F.

Disruptive Prayer

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Disruptive Prayer - The Movement Starts Here
by John Smed (PCA)

Real prayer is disruptive. In contrast, our prayers are often
pedestrian and domestic. We ask God to prosper the economy,
keep us safe from injury and illness, heal the environment, help
us win the war against global terrorism, reduce overall suffering
and generally preserve the status quo. Judging from these
prayers, God is at our beck and call, like some kind of heavenly
caretaker. Such prayers are not the priority to be answered.
(If they were, they would do little good for ourselves or the world.)

The coming kingdom is not about maintaining the existing order;
it brings a new order altogether. True prayer reverses our
position, brings us to our knees, and places us in God’s service.
When God hears and answers these prayers with wonders and
blessings, it will disrupt our present way of life. In answer to
prayers of faith, God’s kingdom comes in storm wind and fire —
removing the old to make way for the new.

John Smed’s passion for prayer and mission was born out of lessons learned in ministry. After becoming a Christian in the Swiss Alps community of L'Abri, John (and his wife Caron) adopted a rich practice of prayer, open inquiry and deep fellowship set by this community as a model for his future ministry. He started Grace Vancouver Church in 2000 with his wife Caron. From there, Prayer Current was born, which he is now exclusively focusing his attention. They also started Woodgreen Presbyterian Church in Calgary. In between, John served as the Church Planting Coordinator for Mission to North America for seven years in Atlanta. He founded The Grace Network, which seeks to plant churches across Canada.
Publisher: Prayer Current
ISBN: 9780991866250
Item #: 14627
Binding: Paper
Chapters: 11
Page Count: 191
Publication Date: 2018

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