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By Roger McNamara.
Child Safety Guidelines for Local Churches deals with the sensitive subject of child sexual abuse and what churches can do to protect children under their care while at the same time minimizing their own liability. Prevention and training are critical elements in developing a structure that ensures the safety of children while they are in God’s house. Sadly, many churches are unprepared to combat the possibility of the unthinkable happening to one of their precious little ones. By not taking reasonable precautions, they not only endanger the welfare of their youngsters, but are subject to charges of gross negligence and significant financial judgments against their congregations. The author outlines numerous steps that any congregation can take to protect both the children and churches they serve.
Publisher: Xulon
ISBN: 9781612150093
Item #: 7782
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 5
Page Count: 153
Publication Date: 2010

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