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What a Royal Mess: A Study of 1 and 2 Kings

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What a Royal Mess: A Study of 1 and 2 Kings
Author: Susan Tyner - PCA

How do I get out of my life’s messes? How can I keep from getting in them? Can God use this mess for any good? Am I stuck in this forever?

If you have ever sinned and then struggled with the mess that results, King Ahab’s story is for you. If you have made horrible choices and wonder if forgiveness is possible, then King Manasseh’s is for you. Or, if you are in a mess because of circumstances beyond your control, then King Hezekiah’s story is a must-read. What a Royal Mess! uses 1 and 2 Kings to explore the “black hole” of the Old Testament, to discover a “new” batch of Bible stories, and to learn in a fresh way of God’s goodness to us.

Each book also comes with the an attractive and useful color timeline of the Kings.

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Author bio: Susan Tyner serves as Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, Texas. She is author of What’s SHE Doing Here? and a regular contributor for the EnCourage blog and podcast, as well as one of the contributing authors of the Hinged Bible study. Susan enjoys speaking at conferences and retreats, but also enjoys a lazy Saturday cooking a big pot of gumbo. Susan and her husband, Lee, have five children, and an almost empty nest.
Publisher: CDM
ISBN: 9781944964818
Item #: 15939
Binding: Paper
Chapters: 10
Page Count: 120
Publication Date: 2023

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